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As the hi-tech and private scientific and technology enterprise, HONCELL sets up an independent R&D center with a complete sets of equipment used in physical, chemical characteristics,

electro-chemistry and battery application performance testing. To research, we together with Tsinghua University (Shenzhen Institute), Central South University and North-western

Polytechnic University (Shenzhen Research Institute) established bilateral research relationships and personnel training courses. HONCELL all along put the scientific research on the high

place as the development strategy. Currently HONCELL composed with a team of 39 technicians and researchers, among them are 3 doctors and 14 masters. The rapid advancement of

technologies prompts demands of consumers on electronic products. Similarly, they tend to be more discrete about the batteries. As such, it has to be lighter weight, thinner, smaller,

higher energy density, longer cycle life, and high low temperature resistant. That’s a real job for R&D.